Getting your home ready to sell?


The Carswell Team can help you get ready:

A little blue bird told me that you are thinking of getting your home ready to sell.  There are so many things to do to start that process.  We will make it easy on you so that you don’t waste time and especially money.

Step 1: Call Paul & Meredith Carswell at The Carswell Team at RE/MAX A-Team to set an appointment and we will do an online Zoom conference or plan a meeting at your home to give you ideas of what to do to get your house ready to sell.  Don’t spend any money until you talk with us as we want you to spend in the right places so that you can capture the most amount of profit on your real estate sale.

Step 2:  Start decluttering and cleaning.  Make a spot to store packed boxes so that they are out of your way.  Meredith Carswell can help you decide what to remove by Zoom video conference or a home visit if you are unsure.  You want to make the house clear and clean like a showroom.  Yes, I know you live there but if you want to sell it is time to organize and put everything away that does not have a purpose in your daily life.  This will not be your house soon and you want to make it look like you don’t live there.

What to pack up or donate when getting ready to sell your house:

  • All personal and family photos.  You don’t want the buyer seeing another family living there.
  • Dust collectors like trophys, figurines, magazines, books and PLEASE remove those old fake floral items that are fuzzy with dust.  If it is not something you use regularly or that makes the space look awesome pack it!
  • Anything cluttering counter tops as they need to be clean and clear of most items.  This includes: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom dressers/furniture, living room furniture & book cases.  Yes, I love books too, but make your books look neat by organizing them by size on the shelves and pack up 80% of them if your book case is full.   No one wants to see your daily personal items in the bathroom or shower….yuck!…make a space to put that away every day.
  • Out of season clothing, shoes & accessories/go ahead and donate the stuff that you didn’t wear last season
  • Excess towels, bedding and blankets/donate excess to a local shelter
  • Toys are a hard one if you have children.  However, I recommend packing anything not currently being used.  The good news is that they may enjoy the toys more when you unpack them at your new home.  Ask the children to select what they want to donate.  Teach them that it is better to give than receive.

What to clean when getting ready to sell your house:

  • Dust & clean all light fixtures, ceiling fans, ceiling & moulding
  • Wash windows inside, outside & include washing the frame
  • Clean all interior and exterior doors including cabinet doors
  • Wash exterior of house including walls, walkways, porches, etc.
  • Professionally clean flooring/rugs if stained or if you have pets
  • Gutters & downspouts should be cleaned and flushed out with water hose/make sure downspouts are directed away from house and end is clear of any debris
  • Pet areas should be sanitized very well so that there is no sign of pets living in the house/Some buyers have extreme allergies and will not buy a home if they know an animal has lived in the home
  • Smoke and pet smells must be eliminated – Meredith Carswell can assist you with a solution for that issue with a personal consultation.

I hope this helped you get started.  Now, have you called me???  It is time to take the next step:

828-850-1732  Meredith Carswell  Realtor/Broker

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