About Selling

One of the most important financial decisions you will make.

Here is some information about our team:

The Carswell Team believes that the sale of your real estate is one of the most important financial decisions you will make. It is important to have proven and reliable information to help you through the entire process.

The Carswell Team has a process to help you make important decisions:

Step one is visiting your property to discuss your plans and needs and to tour the property. During the tour we will identify the positive features through the eyes of the buyer and begin to develop a plan to promote those features.

Step two involves The Carswell Team doing our homework based on our initial tour of the property, research of comparable sales to include what is currently on the market and what has sold in your area. We then meet again to review the findings and to talk over any questions you may have.

Step three is coordinating your property photos, measuring the structure and creating the International Marketing Plan that The Carswell Team and RE/MAX offers to all of our sellers.

Step four is guiding you through the viewing process and then the offer and acceptance process.  You will be served by 3 licensed Realtors during this part of the process.  Kimberly Rogers will be your daily communication director making sure you know the progress. Kimberly will go over any inspection reports that you need to review due to a buyer’s request for repairs.  Paul and Meredith Carswell will also be in conference with Kimberly along the way to be briefed on details of the day to day activities with your project.  All along the way you have 3 NC licensed Realtors with you in the process of showing, offer and acceptance to make sure all details are in order with your project.

When selecting a real estate team to market your property, it is important to select the team you can trust to give your real estate investment Local and Global exposure so that all possible buyers will see your property.  The Carswell Team has the procedures in place to market all properties Locally to Globally.

Please read our reviews on so that you have a reference to what our previous clients think of our service.

Our website is a tool for our sellers and buyers to learn about us and our processes. This is not a real estate search site because we feel you can find that everywhere. We want our clients to know as much as possible to make their experience the best so we have created this website to give you tools and knowledge that will help you along the way.

Please let us know what we can add to this site to make your understanding of our team and our processes clear for all to understand. Your thoughts and questions are important to us and will be important to others as well.

The Carswell Team consists of the following team members to serve you:

Paul Carswell 828-228-2111 Paul@CarswellTeam.com

  • Seller Consultation: Property Evaluations, Market Advisor, Education & Statistics
  • Buyer Specialist: Commercial, Multi-Family & Investment Properties

Meredith Miller Carswell 828-850-1732 Meredith@CarswellTeam.com

  • Visual & Online Marketing: Photography, Property Description, Staging & Curb Appeal Consultant
  • Buyer Specialist: Residential, Farm, Acreage, Commercial, Multi-Family & Investment Properties

Kimberly Lingerfelt Rogers 828-446-3661 Kimberly@CarswellTeam.com

  • Closing Coordinator: Communication Specialist
  • Property/Building Inspection Advisor & Project Coordinator

Thank you for choosing The Carswell Team. We are looking forward to creating a great buying experience for you.

Information that makes your property more attractive to a buyer:

If you know the age, type, brand or other information relating to the following that would be helpful in marketing your property. If you can provide warranties or receipts that is even better.

  • Roof
  • Heat System
  • AC System
  • Water Heater
  • Appliances
  • Windows
  • Insulation
  • Well Pump
  • Well Depth
  • Pool Pump
  • Septic Tank or Outgoing Sewer Line
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Fireplace gas or wood/vented or unvented
  • Please let us know of any other recent improvements made to your property that you think will make it attractive to a buyer.
  • If you will send recent service/replacement invoices, list of service providers that regularly work for you and their contact information that is helpful for the buyer. Many times the buyers want to continue using the providers the previous owner used.
  • Who are your utility providers?
  • What are your average utility bills?
  • Who is your internet provider?
  • Do you have high speed internet?
  • Property survey/please supply a copy
  • Contact information for HOA
  • Approved or Proposed assessments with HOA
  • Financial statement from HOA showing stability of funds for future projects
  • If doors are 32″ or wider please provide measurement
  • Garage door height
  • Garage door height
  • Where is attic access and are there stairs
  • Crawl Space access available (locked or unlocked)
  • All of the above information will make it easier for us to market your property to buyers.

How to have the best outcome with selling your property


Inspections are one of the most overlooked items on this list. Inspections are not expensive and SAVE you MONEY and TIME in the process of selling…..PLEASE TAKE NOTE…we know what we are talking about on this subject from experience:

Get a Pre listing Inspection so that you know the issues before a buyer finds them.

If you are selling your home, office or building “As Is”  inspections are the most important step you can take to ensure a smoother transaction.  You don’t want to waste precious time while under contract waiting for a buyer to get an inspection as this can sometimes take several weeks.  If the buyer does not like the inspection findings they can back out because of the findings.  It is best not to have that buyer under contract and we prevent that by sharing the inspection and the repair list in the beginning.  You want the buyer that is prepared and knows what they are buying (condition) so that you can get to the closing table with less stress and less negotiations over repairs.  By doing the pre listing inspection the buyer is aware of the condition and that is a huge obstacle already overcome in the beginning.  Be properly prepared as a seller by knowing all the details, share the inspection reports and repairs completed with the buyer’s agents and let’s get  you under contract with a buyer who is confident in what they are buying.

If you are willing to make repairs:

Hire licensed professionals to repair/replace the items on the inspection that will cause a buyer to terminate the purchase contract.

Save all receipts from contractors.

Have the inspector come back to reinspect the repaired/replaced items to provide a list of what was repaired/replaced from the inspection report. Most inspectors do this at a fraction of the cost of the original inspection.

Allow us to present the inspection reports, updated repair report and any contractor receipts to the buyers agents so that the buyer has confidence in what they are buying from the beginning.  This creates a more positive environment for you and the buyer so that the transaction runs as smooth as possible from contract to closing.

Here are several local inspectors:

Please call a professional pest control company to do a FREE termite check of all structures. Termites are plentiful in our area and you usually will not know you have them. You don’t want the buyer to discover termites at their inspection. Also, if you have a bug problem have your building/house/crawl space/basement sprayed.  Please consult with The Carswell Team before using any type of rodent control products.  You don’t want poisons all around your property and we can provide better solutions.

Pest Inspectors:


  • Mow and keep lawn watered for the best looking grass.
  • Get all weeds out of planting beds and add pine needles (mulch attracts termites)
  • Remove wood piles and trash from the house or in the crawl space/basement (wood attracts termites/trash attracts rodents)
  • Check your potted plants to make sure they are watered and looking healthy.
  • Check all bushes to see if they need trimming.
  • Make sure there are no tree limbs touching the roof.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts to make sure water is flowing away from the structure.
  • Check the crawl space or basement to make sure there is no standing water, moisture or mold
  • Pressure wash sidewalks/deck/exterior walls
  • Open windows to clean and make sure the entire window area is cleaned and not just the glass.
  • Window Screens are best removed/cleaned & stored in a safe place

Front Door area:

  • Wash the door/door frame/windows
  • Add a new door mat at each door


Remove personal items such as family photos or anything else that would make the buyer see someone else as the property owner. You want the buyer to see themselves living/working/playing within this property.  Also, removing personal identity items is a safety precaution.

  • Clear off all personal items on bathroom counters/kitchen counters/office/desks/furniture.
  • Rugs make a room look small and are distracting in photos. Remove rugs if possible.
  • Never have guns/knives/drugs/expensive jewelry in view. Lock them up.
  • Clean all surfaces including baseboards/light fixtures/ceiling fans.
  • Vacuum and mop at least once per week if property is occupied and once per month if vacant.
  • Wash all windows & Doors Interior/exterior/wash the entire window-not just the glass.
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned if stained or if you have pets.
  • Clean interior of refrigerator/range/microwave.
  • Walk each room clockwise and look at the details – pretend you are a buyer
  • Make notes of items to come back to work on if you need tools or supplies.


Service Providers:

  • Home/Office Cleaning, Organizing, Packing: Time Genies/Karen Tonks 828-308-0554
  • Tile, Carpet & furniture cleaning, Duct Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning : Heavens Best Services: 704-966-0914


Buyers will open closets and storage areas. These areas do not have to be perfect but if you can go ahead and pack what you are not currently using it will look larger and you will be ahead on packing to move.

Garage and Storage Areas

The garage or other storage areas are the best place to store boxes and plastic bins that you are packing. Buyers want to see that you are planning to move so go ahead and start packing all the items you don’t need on a daily basis. Minimize what is visible to make the interior look larger and ready for the new buyer. If you are downsizing and you need to get rid of furniture, office supplies, housewares, accessories, etc I recommend the following non profits:

  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore – Check the Habitat ReStore for bubble wrap.  They often have large rolls at great prices.
  • Exodus Works – they are one of the few places that will take a good used mattress and give to those in need.
  • Resource Warehouse
  • Hospice Home Store
  • Salvation Army Thrift Stores
  • Most of the above will pick up so that you can donate with ease.


  • Nothing turns a buyer off more than bad odors
  • If you smoke please don’t smoke inside from this day forward
  • If you have pets you can not smell them because you are used to the odor
  • Strong cleaners or air fresheners are not recommended as they can bother some people
  • Strong cooking smells are offensive unless you do something awesome like bake brownies and leave them out as a treat for the buyers coming to view your home.

Hire a professional cleaning company to come in and disinfect/vacuum floors, walls & ceiling & wash walls if needed/wash light fixtures/wash all surfaces/clean carpets, furniture & rugs.

Cleaning & decluttering: Time Genies/Karen Tonks 828-308-0554

The best Odor Eliminator is an Active Pure Air & Surface Pro+.  This unit eliminates strong odors, common triggers of allergies, asthma & irritants to those with sensitive immune systems. This is a portable unit that can be purchased or rented.  Contact Meredith Carswell 828-850-1732 or Meredith@CarswellTeam.com

During photography and showings

  • Turn on all lights and lamps. Make sure all light bulbs are working.
  • Turn ceiling fans off for photography and on for showings (make sure they are clean)
  • Open all blinds and curtains (make sure they are clean)
  • Pets and people should never be in photos. Please leave the property to let the photographer have time and space to make the best photos. Make sure everything is perfect the day the photographer comes or they may have to reschedule and that will cause a marketing delay.
  • Please leave the property so that you are not there during showings. Buyers and agents need time to view the property without feeling pressure from owners being present.


During showings please remove your pets, crate or contain for their safety and the people looking at your property.  Barking dogs and very social cats can be disturbing to buyers who are not pet lovers.  Remember, you do not know how your pet may react to strangers on the property if you are not present.  For buyers with allergies just the sight of animal beds, toys etc. may make them take your property off their potential buy list.  Remove all traces of pets and pet supplies for showings.


Please make sure all gates are locked so that buyers can’t go into their space. Buyers needing to see barns and pastures can make special arrangements to see those areas with the a member of The Carswell Team present to ensure the safety of humans and animals.

Locked areas

If you have areas that will be locked during showings due to items such as gun collections, private files, etc. please know that the buyer will need to see these areas at some point if they plan to make an offer.

Vacant properties

  • Please have someone you trust to check the property weekly to make sure it is secured and clean.
  • Turn water off at the cut off valve until needed for appraisal/inspections/final walk through.
  • All utilities need to be on for appraisal/inspections/final walk through.

Please let us know if you have questions.  This information is to make your selling experience the best it can be from the first marketing day to closing.

Important Safety, Legal & Sanitation precautions:

  • Remove or put in a locked cabinet: Guns, knives, weapons of any kind, drugs of any kind and any jewelry
  • Leave lights on for showings especially if after dark.  Wipe all light switches, lamps, door handles, etc. with antibacterial wipes when you return.
  • If you have security cameras you can use them but Do Not use the voice recording as this is illegal and Only use the Cameras in Social areas/No Bathroom or any other private area to be on video or recorded in any way.  This includes baby monitors & walkie talkie type units.   Make sure voice recording is disabled for all showings.
  • If your security system will be on during times that the home will be shown please create a special code for Realtors so that you don’t give your code to anyone.  If you will turn the system off for showings so that Realtors do not have to disarm that is appreciated.
  • Place tape over any lock that you do not want locked.  Also, tape light switches in position if on motion sensors. Put a Post-It note beside any light switch that you tape with explanation.
  • To prevent toilet issues use clear tape to tape lid closed and remove toilet paper.