About Buying


Choosing The Carswell Team to represent you is the right choice. We have 4 licensed Realtors on our team to make sure you are well informed through the entire process of searching for and buying your next property.

As a Buyer’s Agent it is our responsibility to help you find the right mortgage lender with the right loan program for the property you are wanting to purchase. Next we will find the right property and guide you through the entire process of making the offer and getting an acceptance. Once you have a property under contract we will help you select all the needed inspections. We will work to get you all the way through the process of closing on your property.

We want to be involved in helping you make the best possible decision in your purchase. The Carswell Team consists of the following team members to serve you:

Paul Carswell, Meredith Carswell, Tina Bayonet & Kimberly Rogers

Thank you for choosing The Carswell Team. We are looking forward to creating a great buying experience for you.

How to get started with the home buying process:

Be financially prepared to make an offer. I recommend that every buyer have at least $500-1,000 for Earnest Moneyor Due Diligence money before making the offer. Also, you will need around $500-$1,200 for inspections. Yes, inspections can be paid for at closing but what if you back out of the purchase? If you back out the invoices are due at that time and that will include any attorney fees incurred during the process. Generally we don’t do inspections during the first week you are under contract so you do have some time to sit back and think about it before getting everything started.

Start with getting your loan process going with your lender. VERY IMPORTANT… Know that a preapproval letter is NOT a guarantee of getting a loan. You will not know you are fully approved until your file goes through underwriting with the lender.  Please ask your lender to take your file through underwiting immediately so that you are not delayed (or declined) in the closing process.

Lender contacts:

Andrew Aaron/Highlands Mortgage: 828-446-3971 AAAron@HighlandsMortgage.com

Nicole Carson/Alcova Mortgage: 828-315-0110 ncarson@alcovamortgage.com

Mark Thomas/Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc.: (828) 446-5224  mark.thomas@swmc.com

Once you know you can get the loan and have a price range from your lender lets get started. Have your lender email your approval letter to me at MrsCarswellTeam@gmail.com

Now, let’s start looking for the right home. We are in a “Sellers Market” meaning there are more buyers than available homes. Be prepared to make an offer quickly if you see a home you love and make a good offer. Low offers are a complete waste of time in a market like this. While interest rates are still very low you want to find a great home and make a very good offer. Locking in a low interest rate now is much more important financially than waiting for that “Deal” after the rates go up.  We are still at historically low interest rates and we may never see rates like this again.

Once you are under contract on a home please send a copy of the contract to your mortgage lender and be sure to let us know who that is and their contact information.

Kimberly Rogers will take over from the time we go under contract on a home to the day of closing. I will still be available to you but she will handle the day to day tasks of communicating with your closing attorney and she will also coordinate your inspections. If you can not be here for your home inspection that is ok. Kimberly is very good at helping our buyers understand the home inspection report so that our buyers feel confident in knowing the condition of the home. Remember, no home is perfect and all inspection reports have issues. What we try to focus on are the big ticket items like the HVAC system, plumbing, electrical and roof. Part of the service we provide is to negotiate repairs with the seller of the home. We would work with you to create a list of the most important items that you want the seller to address and we would present that to the listing agent. With a little work our goal is to get some of the larger issues on a home inspection report taken care of by the seller so that you are comfortable moving forward with the home purchase.

Hopefully this helps you understand the process a little more. Just know we are here for you and we do our best to make the experience as stress free as possible.

Outline of what happens when you go under contract on a property with a Mortgage Loan:

  • You will be contacted by our closing coordinator: Kimberly Rogers
  • Immediately contact your lender and make sure they have a copy of the contract
  • Your Lender will order appraisal and they will likely ask you to pay for this in advance
  • Deliver earnest money check (Certified Bank Check Please) to your closing attorney made out to their Trust Account
  • Send Due Diligence money to the seller (Certified Bank Check/specific address will be provided by Kimberly Rogers)
  • Closing attorney will begin the title search on the property
  • Kimberly will work with you to coordinate your inspections (please try to schedule home inspection so that you can be present for the last 30 minutes to go over findings with your inspector)
  • Lender will provide you with a copy of the appraisal (please let us know when you receive it as we do not get a copy)
  • Lender will probably ask for more documents during the process. Please be prepared to get documents to them as soon as possible
  • Lender will provide you with a Closing Disclosure at least 3 days prior to closing for you to review. Your lender does not send this to us but we need to verify that it is correct.  Please send us a copy to review with you.
  • Closing Attorney will have you on the schedule to close on your contract closing date as long as the lender is ready.
  • If you need a specific day/time for closing please coordinate with the Closing Attorney’s office and let us know the day and time.

****Please remember that the work completed by the appraiser, attorney & inspectors/service providers has to be paid even if you back out of the contract****

Please let Meredith Carswell or Kimberly know if you have any questions or concerns.

RE/MAX 1811 N Center St Hickory, NC 28601
Kimberly Rogers: carswell.listings@gmail.com 828-324-8326 (TEAM) Mon-Fri 10:00-2:00

Mortgage Lending for Homes, land and Multi-Family properties under 4 units:

Alcova Mortgage/Nicole Carson: 828-315-0110

Highlands Mortgage/Andrew Aaron: 828-446-3971 https://highlandsmortgage.com/agents/andrew-aaron/

Mark Thomas/Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc.: (828) 446-5224  mark.thomas@swmc.com

Mortgage Lender for Commercial properties and multi-family properties:

Carolina Trust/Jack Rector: 828-302-4012 JRector@CarolinaTrust.com

Mortgage Lender for Farms:

Carolina Farm Credit: https://carolinafarmcredit.com/home.aspx

Once you have your loan qualification letter you will be ready to make an offer. The Carswell Team is available to help you find the right property.