What to expect from Online Home Search

How to search for real estate online

Fill out the buyer form in the Property Search section of this site for a custom search in our MLS system.  After you fill out the form we will send you an email for access to your custom real estate search website.  You will get an email similar to the one below:

I’ve set up a personal website for you to view properties for sale in our area. You’ll be notified as new properties go on the market – just click the link I send to see them.

Please note: this is not an automatic search.  We will receive the form and create a custom search for you so that your get the best experience possible.


What to expect from the search criteria you requested

The search will not be 100% of what you want because you likely gave criteria that is not able to be filtered by the system.  The goal is to narrow your search to reasonable options and you can delete the ones that you don’t like or that do not fit your needs.  We recommend keeping track of the ones you like by placing the available symbols beside them.  If you decide you don’t like them at a later date change the symbol or delete them.

Some properties may show up that do not fit your criteria because the listing agent put the wrong information in the listing.  This is is not a huge problem but just know that human error causes the system to be imperfect.  Delete them and move on.

Changing Search Criteria

If you would like details added or deleted from your search please email details and we will make the changes. You may customize your search criteria if you prefer to do it yourself.   Do not narrow your search so much that you miss the perfect property.  Doing a more general search is the best way to get a good selection.

I want more details about what I can do with a  property

If you see properties you like and want to know the details of what you can do with building structures, housing an RV, housing farm animals, etc. on any property please call the Zoning department for that city or county. We recommend that you call because they will ask questions that we will not be able to answer.  You will learn a lot from the zoning departments. You will find the number for zoning by doing an online search of the City or County Zoning Department or call the main number for the city/county and they will direct you to the contact you need. Be sure to get the contact’s name, phone number/extension and email address as you will likely have questions for them in the future about other properties or what you can do with the property.

Helpful Property Search Tips

Use the County GIS system to pull the map of the properties you like. You will find factual information about the property, view maps and aerial views. The maps will help you determine if you like the lay of the land or what is around the property. Also, Google Earth is a great tool for looking at properties and neighborhoods. Reference these sites as you find properties that look interesting.


Please let us know if this was helpful. 

If you have topics you would like to discuss we are available.  

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